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vWand NFC – Bluetooth stylus

Custom products and projects


vWand Stylus

vWand: Add NFC capabilities to tablets and smartphones

vWand is a stylus for those (buyers and integrators) that are interested to provide contact-less proximity solutions.
vWand adds easily NFC capabilities to your tablet or smartphone, using your bluetooth connection.

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Custom Products

RFID custom products & projects

Based on our vWand extensive experience working with Near Field Communications (NFC) technology, we provide RFID product design services including hardware and firmware design, manufacturing and production for our customers.

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NFC Healthcare Solutions


Inventory solution includes a web portal where the data are collected via vWand device.
The tags are distributed in the hospital, attached to assets or located in rooms and areas, allowing unequivocal identification, tracking and total scalability.

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building sistelnetworks

Sistelnetworks is an RFIDNFC manufacturer that provides proximity products and solutions. From concept and analysis through the deployment, manufacturing and support stages, we provide the answers to your needs.

Contactless and proximity solutions are being adopted in a wide variety of industries, including healthcare scenarios, schools, leisure events, consumer electronics, consumer packaged goods, defense, homeland security and retail.

Sistelnetworks has identified Near Field Communications (NFC) as one key proximity technology which covers specific scenarios where security, battery life and information capacity are critical requirements.

Put our knowledge and experience to work for you.

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