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Hospital Majadahonda SA deployed an innovative NFC inventory solution based on vWand


doctor_homeMadrid, Spain – June 23rd , 2015 – The company Hospital Majadahonda, S.A., responsible for the management of all non-healthcare activities at the Hospital Puerta de Hierro in Madrid has selected and deployed an NFC technology solution for inventory purposes, improving efficiency and management of assets at the hospital. The solution is based on NFC (Near Field Communications), integrating tablets and smartphones.

The solution includes a web portal where the data is collected via the vWand device, an NFC-Bluetooth Gateway stylus ( With the vWand device, the staff can easily read and write the NFC tags distributed in the hospital, attached to assets or located at rooms and areas, allowing unequivocal identification, tracking and total scalability.

“From operating point of view, this solution minimizes errors and improves the management process of inventory, being a paperless solution. Also the use of a centralized solution avoid the management of large excel sheets and large tables, making easier the work for the users” said Óscar Mallo, member of the IT department at Hospital Majadahonda, SA.

The system is easy to install. NFC tags are attached to any asset to be included in the inventory and the information to be stored is saved to the tag via the vWand. Automatically, the asset is included in the inventory solution, which allows to check any asset at any time, just approaching the vWand device.

“Cost saving is very significant in terms of working hours dedicated to inventory tasks, and also to estimate work orders and future needs at the hospital. Also, the system will allow us to think on new applications and functionalities on the software, reusing the investment on tags and NFC devices or getting additional units, always improving the processes at the hospital, having everything integrated” commented Oscar Mallo.

The system optimizes maintenance tasks, including reports, and also replacement needs of assets, making a cost reduction and providing centralized information. More than 10.000 assets are now managed by the system, and the number is growing to include all the elements in the hospital.

About Sociedad Concesionaria Hospital Majadahonda, SA

This is a group of companies including Iridium (ACS group), Sacyr, Bovis and DIGF. At the Hospital Puerta de Hierro in Majadahonda, it has a total area of 162,000m2 and capacity for 794 beds, the company manages all non-healthcare activities.

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