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Based on our vWand extensive experience working with Near Field Communications (NFC) technology, we provide RFID product design services including hardware and firmware design, manufacturing and production for our customers.

We are experienced in designing several products for different markets fulfilling customer’s requirements. In addition, we provide custom complete solutions, integrating vWand in a final solution.

Our RFID custom product development services include:

  • Formulate product specifications
  • Electronic hardware, firmware and enclosure design
  • Convert product specifications
  • Validate product performance to its specifications
  • Determine product reliability
  • Transition product to production
  • Manufacturing and certification services
  • Sustain the product specification over the life of the product

Success stories

BTAG: Your Content at a Touch

New from ITN international, BTAG is a near-field communication (NFC) hotspot that delivers branded content whenever an attendee touches it with his or her event badge or NFC smartphone.

BTAGs allow attendees to gather content during your event in the easiest way imaginable—by turning their NFC badges into “digital tote bags.”

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Interactive Pen at Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum in New York

Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum in New York is the only museum in the USA devoted exclusively to historic and contemporary design. Sistelnetworks has participated in an international team to create a custom-designed hardware based on Sistelnetworks’s vWand for the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design.

All visitors will be encouraged to use an interactive Pen to collect and create. Symbolizing and embodying human creativity, the Pen is a key part of every visitor’s experience. With it, they will be able to record their visit, which can be viewed and shared online and supplemented during future visits.

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