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NFC Healthcare Inventory System

The solution consists of a management system with a web interface that uses our Bluetooth-NFC reader called vWand ( to read NFC tags placed on the different assets to inventory.

The system is fully scalable and allows to uniquely identify all assets thanks to its NFC tagging system, allowing to answer questions such as:

  • What are the assets that are available in the hospital?
  • What items have been “lost” from to the latest inventory?
  • What is the number of replaced assets in a given period of time?

Only is needed sticking the NFC tags on the items to inventory, read the UIDs with the vWand and register the assets into the management system. Once done, the hospital staff can access to all the information reading with the vWand the NFC tag of the desired asset.

Using this solution, the hospital staff can create and organize their inventory and manage the asset issues efficiently.

Among the most important features, the solution includes:

  • Validation of users.Inventory_Hospital2
  • User management.
  • Concurrent editing and access control.
  • Inventory management.
  • Checking inventory.
  • Management of containers and areas of the hospital.
  • Audit the operations carried out.
  • Searches and filters.
  • Reports and listings.
  • Management of issues.

With this solution, the processes of maintenance of the hospital assets are simplified, allowing to reduce costs and providing updated information about the state of the assets and the corrective actions taken to maintain the facilities in perfect condition.

Success stories

Sociedad Concesionaria Hospital Majadahonda, SA

Group of companies including Iridium (ACS group), Sacyr, Bovis and DIGF. At the Hospital Puerta de Hierro in Majadahonda (Madrid, SPAIN), it has a total area of 162,000m2 and capacity for 794 beds, the company manages all non-healthcare activities.

In the hospital facilities, the system optimizes maintenance tasks, including reports, and also replacement needs of assets, making a cost reduction and providing centralized information. More than 11.000 assets are now managed by the system, and the number is growing to include all the elements in the hospital.

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