Sistelnetworks NFC innovations shown at NFC world congress in Nice 2013



PRESS RELEASE \ Nice, France – September 24th, 2013

Sistelnetworks, an NFC market leader and award-winning technology innovator, is showing innovative use cases for NFC technology using vWand Stylus at NFC world congress in Nice. The event is taken place at the Côte d’Azur in a new and larger venue in the center of Nice: the Acropolis Convention Centre, from September 24th to 26th.

“The company has developed innovative applications to cover scenarios such as healthcare, education and logistics, just to show the possibilitites of NFC technology. Sistelnetworks is convinced of NFC technology advantages to cover special use cases, where proximity and security are key aspects. Please visit our booth #40 to see real time demos and bring your ideas for integration to your systems” said Jorge Marcos, VP Products & Innovation of Sistelnetworks.

Regarding the EMOI Project, “this ICT prototype on Alzheimer detection is original in many respects” commented Serge Miranda, Professor of IT at University of Nice and founder of Master MBDS. “For example we use NFC tags to get multi-sense data (including emotional smell) in a personal memory suitcase, multidiciplinary work with neurologists in Hospitals and also the NFC bluetooth pen for the elderly person and pilot project planned in a retirement home in Grasse provided us many information for Alzheimer detection. This challenging project was prototyped at University of Nice with complementary IT partners and we look forward a promising pilot project to build a break-through tool for Alzheimer detection”.

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