The vWand™ from Sistelnetworks, awarded with the Gold prize at the WIMA NFC USA 2012



PRESS RELEASE \ San Francisco, CA – November 29th, 2012

The vWand received the “Gold Prize in the Best Sponsor NFC Solution Track” at the WIMA NFC USA held in San Francisco.

Sistelnetworks is very proud to announce that its vWand, an innovative NFC-Bluetooth gateway designed to add NFC to tablets and smartphones in a natural way, achieved the higher distinction in the contest for Best Sponsor NFC Solution.

“We are very honored to receive this recognition” said Sistelnetworks CTO Oscar Carrasco, “especially competing with so many extraordinary solutions from other sponsors, and in front of an audience of attendants to the WIMA NFC and a judging panel formed by experts and executives from the industry.”

“The vWand_indexnumber of available devices with NFC technology and its volumes are growing fast, however, estimates indicate that in the coming years hundreds of millions of smartphones and tablets will be shipped without NFC capabilities” said Sistelnetworks Product Manager Jorge Marcos.

“The vWand is intended to provide NFC functionality to smartphones and tablets in a way that users can find intuitive and useful. We hope it contributes to a faster adoption of this great technology.”

The vWand is scheduled to be available in volumes in the first quarter of 2013.

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